Free Brand Guidelines Template

Easily keep your brand identity secure and consistent

Why do Brand guidelines matter?

If you have a brand identity (and who hasn’t?), it’s really important to document it. The best brand identities are not necessarily the best designed, but are always the most consistently applied and the best policed. And the best tool for this is a brand guidelines manual.

Document your identity – fonts, colours, logo applications etc. Then, whenever you call upon a supplier to apply your visual brand – a printer, signwriter, web developer or social media agency – just hand them the manual with instructions to follow to the letter.

Ready made, free template.

To make things easy, we’ve produced a guidelines template for you. You will find others available online, but they are often created using costly design packages such as Adobe InDesign. But we wanted ours to be as simple as possible to create your manual.

Easy to use, no special software needed.

Unlike many brand guideline templates, this is created for you to use Powerpoint or similar to build your guidelines like a presentation. Then just save as pptx, pdfs, jpegs or whatever is most convenient, upload to your website or simply print off.

All basic pages ready set up for you.

  • Brand values
  • Logo
  • Corporate signature
  • Typography
  • Colour Pallets

Just add as many extra pages as you need.

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