‘It’s all about the brand’ – you’ll hear us say this time and again, because the brand is what your business is and what it does. A strong business is a strong brand – and vice versa.

Branding and brand development are fundamental elements of a marketing strategy. For organizations of all sizes, a thorough understanding of your own brand and where it sits is critical.

It’s easy to overlook its importance, especially for small and medium businesses.

Today’s biggest brands started small.

Getting the brand fundamentals correct at the start, smooths the marketing path and avoids costly branding exercises later.

One of the most important dimensions is consistency.  Having to change approach, strategy or visual identity damages a consistent image and disrupts a reliable story.

Passionate about branding.

Branding is at the heart of our philosophy. It’s a passion and in our blood.  For over two decades, we’ve helped build and develop personalities for businesses in sectors as varied as building products, fashion, food and drink, and shiprepair.

How One Marketing helps build brands:

  • Audits and research
  • Building brand strategies
  • Design and creation
  • Brand communications
  • Brand naming
  • Mentoring and brand leadership
  • Evaluation
  • Internationalisation

Brand Leadership Coaching

Whatever the business size, responsibility for the brand needs to reside at the highest possible level.

We believe the biggest single factor for successful brands is leadership – that’s why we provide one-to-one brand leadership coaching. Find out more.

Branding in a digital world

Digital marketing and communications have raised many new issues – technology’s made us rethink the brand communications channels.

Online communications presents new challenges. The speed of delivery means we need to be aware of the need for fast perception and recognition. Messages may have just fractions of a second to make an impact – register awareness and spark interest.

Much of the brand’s communications now are channelled through small screens of phones and tablets. It’s vital that all the collateral works under these constrictions which means simplicity and clarity in the offer and its communication.

Today, we’re conversing and dealing on a global stage. Cultural and language considerations are more important than ever. Ensuring your brand values are relevant to all markets is critical.

Whatever stage your brand is at, start a conversation with us – we promise to be insightful and interesting, and hopefully very profitable.



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