Marketing pains or business gains

What matters most for your business – making gains or relieving pains?

Psychologists say we spend more time avoiding pain than seeking pleasure – the pain-pleasure principle.

In business too, we all have pains to deal with – slow business, poor profits, aggressive competitors. Often, avoiding those pains become blocks to growth and progress. Because business is slow we may feel we are not able to invest in sales activities or promotion. Pains sap confidence.

Business pains are real, and the answer is not to ignore or avoid them but employ strategies to circumvent them. The trouble is the more we focus on them the more insoluble they may appear. Bringing in someone less close to the problem is often the answer.

Making choices – making gains or relieving pains

With a fresh perspective the pain can cease to be a block. New routes can be found and fresh opportunities may appear.

Business scaling and growth is dependent upon enablers and blockers.

Identify your blockers – minimise pains and start making real gains

Ian West
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