Memorability and b2b marketing

memorability in b2b

Memorability in marketing refers to the ability of a brand or advertising campaign to stick in the minds of consumers. This is important because the more memorable a brand or campaign is, the more likely it is that consumers will remember it and make a purchase.

This can be especially critical for b2b services where an intrusive sell may not be the initial step on the customer journey. A potential buyer is not necessarily ready to make a purchase at the point of their interaction with the business. Therefore, the more memorable the brand or the offer, the more likely it will be near the ‘top of mind‘ when a purchase is necessary.

One way to increase memorability is to use unique and attention-grabbing concepts in advertising or other communications collateral. Another way to increase memorability is to create a strong brand identity that is consistent across all marketing materials. This includes using the same colour scheme, logo, and messaging across all platforms. In fact, consistency is one of the strongest aids to memorability, just as repetition can be used to stimulate recall in learning.

Key factors for memorability

Memorability has two elements – the brand and the message. It’s vital that the two are aligned and in step. We’ve probably all experienced the case where where we can remember a great piece of advertising but can’t recall the brand. Similarly, when there is a choice of brands we may not easily recall the competitive-benefit messages. The two dimensions must be synchronised to ensure memorability.

Another way to increase memorability is through storytelling. Telling a compelling story can help create an emotional connection with consumers, which can make the brand or campaign more memorable. This can be done through short videos, social media, or even podcasts.

Finally, it is important to ensure that the message of the brand or campaign is clear and easy to understand. Consumers are more likely to remember a message that is simple and straightforward, rather than one that is complex and difficult to understand.

In summary, increasing memorability in marketing is essential for building brand awareness and driving sales.

This can be achieved by using unique and attention-grabbing concepts, creating a consistent brand identity, telling compelling stories, and keeping messaging clear and simple, and aligned with the brand.

Ian West
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