Nobody’s interested in your product or service.

Nobody's interested in you

Customers don’t care about your business – all they’re interested in is what it can do for them.

You may be justifiably proud of a new product feature you’ve sweated over. That new system you’ve designed may seem really cool to you. But all the client wants to know is ‘What’s in it for me?’

It’s the old story of features against benefits. You create the features – clients only interests are the benefits those features provide.


So how do you make this work for you?

Get into a customer mindset.

For every touchpoint in the customer’s journey, look at it from their viewpoint. Think like a customer, ask; ‘How will it help me?’ Whether it’s an elevator pitch, a piece of literature, website claim or blog post. Focus on benefit, benefit, benefit.

This is nothing new – but it is one of the most powerul concepts in marketing communications.


Employ a devil’s advocate.

Ask a friend, adviser, or disinterested colleague to challenge all your feature claims with two words; ‘So what?

Show them your post or text. Tell them about your wonderful new ‘double-kerfuffling valve” or your ‘maxiplan75 system’ – and if they can answer; ‘So what?’  Then you need to think again.

Features are not bad. Far from it, they are essential – it’s just that what interests users are benefits.

Understand why it seems nobody’s interested, and switch them on with awesome compelling benefits.

Show, cost or time saving, life enhancement, ease, excitement, fun, health promotion, wellbeing or wealth.

People buy benefits!

Get a fresh set of eyes on your marketing messages.

Ian West
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