Quality isn’t so important

Quality is not so important
Of course quality is vital in terms of what you do and how you do it.
But as a differentiator, as part of your brand proposition, it’s nowhere near as exciting as you think.

I’ve been running workshops with a roomful of bright business people, and asked them to create a quick proposition. What makes their business special?
Invariably one of the first answers will be ‘Quality’. ‘We provide a quality product or service’.
At that point I’d usually ask the room, ‘Is there anybody here who doesn’t provide a quality product or service?’
Of course not. And I’m sure they all have excellent quality.

The point is, it’s not ‘special’. It’s a claim anybody and everybody can make – and does make.
It’s one of those things we call, ‘a critical success factor’. If you haven’t got it, sooner or later you
won’t be in the game.

When you work on your brand proposition, it’s important to critically identify what it is that makes your business special and different. Something you can claim that others cannot. And frankly, the quality claim doesn’t make an impact when everybody else is shouting it.

Ian West
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