Choose your tools to build your brand

We’ve assembled a stack of branding resources to help you build, launch, measure and grow your brand.

There are countless items available online – some brilliant, and some not so good. Picking the gems out is not an easy task – so we’ve tried to help with your selection.

You’ll find a mix of tools, blog articles, links and websites, and a few quirky but useful items. We’ve included resources to help with strategy, research, planning, design, promotion and communications.

These are hands-on, branding resources that you can put into use right away.


Free Brand strategy template – click to download

Brand values audit guide and strategy build template

Branding Strategy Insider

Regular, serious articles on all aspects of branding strategy. Many top brand strategists and thinkers contribute. one of our regular must-reads.

The Intellectual Property Office

The government site to search trademarks and names and register and protect your brand name. Free searches to check if your dream brand is already registered. Prevent wasting time on brand solutions that may end you in trouble. It’s also a lot cheaper than you may tink to protect your brand.

AI and brands

Brands and consumers are all being impacted by AI, and have been for some time. There’s a lot of information out there, but here’s one short and insightful article on how AI changes our view of brands.

Hubspot – How to build a brand

A comprehensive free guide to building effective and measurable brands from HubSpot & Rebrandly


We have to say straightaway that we’re not fans of logo design platforms. The reason is brands are not about logos – they’re about what a business is, and does. And these programs start branding projects from the wrong point. Begin with the strategy – not the logo. When it comes to the brand identity we’d always hire a good designer – a really worthwhile investment. But if you want a program that makes you thing a bit wider than the logo, try Ubrand.

Seth’s Blog

You can be sure that every branding expert follows Seth Godin’s ridiculously popular blog. Packed with invaluable content, news, interviews, advice. 


For promoting your brand by email, Mailchimp is packed with features.Top mass email service provider; free up to 2,000 subscribers. Integrates with WordPress. 

BrandInsight Blog

BN Branding’s Blog – wide ranging articles for all branding professionals, from eager beginner to seasoned pro. Well-written pieces focussing on every dimension of strategy – small business branding, log design and choice, positioning and so much more.  One of our favourite branding resources. Thoroughly recommended.

SurveyMonkey – ‘best brand management tools’

As you’ll hear a lot, research, knowing your customers and monitoring your brand are the foundations of good brand management. SurveyMonkey have a packed section with advice, information and tools for brand research, measuring awareness, understanding customer loyalty, tracking and much more.

Brand Naming Toolkit

A great article that goes deep into the how, why and which of brand naming. If you are in the early stages of brand building this detailed guide will provide you with the insight to approaching this important task strategically.

Brandwatch brand analytics

Powerful tools from the world-leading social listening platform. Collect, monitor and analyze billions of conversations to better understand what your customers think


The biggest collections of official colour codes for the world’s popular brands.

Google alerts

Such a simple idea but incredibly useful for branding professionals – set up alerts for key phrases – your business, your competitors businesses, trends, products… anything that’s important to you. Whenever there is a mention you get an email in your mailbox. Brilliant!


A huge collection of vector logos of world’s famous brands that you can view & download in vector format.

Seven Key Steps to Global Brand Management

If you are looking to take your brand to international markets, this is a brilliant article to inform your thinking.

Brand building 101: Building a brand (new, or old) on solid foundations

Whether you’re revitalising your existing brand, rebranding, or you’ve got nothing more than a basic idea in mind, you need to know how to connect the dots between your company, and the audience you’re trying to reach.

That’s where brand building comes in. Great article by Steve Harvey.

Getsocio – Free slogan maker

This is a fun tool that generates slogans or tag-lines using key words or phrases. Though it churns out some real oddballs, it has a very serious function. When you’re staring at that blank sheet of paper it can help break your creative log-jams. Give it a try.


The classic tool for creating visual elements to help promote your brand through social media – headers, banners, infographics and more.

Start collecting valuable content and publishing to your current and potential audiences – check out the story-building power of and start making your brand famous.


Blog – thoughts and ideas on branding and brand development in a digital world.

Attest – Essential Tools for a Bullet-Proof Brand Strategy

Here are 6 of the very best tools and frameworks for anyone looking to create a robust brand strategy.


Animators, motion-graphics, explainer animations and more. Give life and movement to your brand communications.

Brand Management: The Ultimate Guide

Sound commonsense guide from Itamar Blauer – worth a space on anybody’s reading list

It’s All About the Brand: Podcast

My podcast on brand and branding matters

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