Why do we talk about the importance of creativity and innovation in marketing?

Well, first off, what’s the difference between creativity and innovation? Creativity is the ability to spark new and unique ideas. It’s these ideas that differentiate approaches in all fields – marketing, computing, writing, engineering, music – in fact in most fields of human endeavour. But without direction these ideas are just are just concepts, floating in the ether.

What delivers innovation is the combination of creativity and application. Taking a unique, but abstract idea, and then developing it into a practical, useful and valuable entity by application –  CREATIVITY +APPLICATION = INNOVATION!

In marketing, innovation is the fuel that drives new products and brands, creates new ways of engaging with customers, and unique business models. If you’re in business, marketing is a vital discipline but  you should be aware of the importance of creativity and innovation in every aspect from production, finance, administration, sales and management.

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