Why bother with my brand at a time like this?

Should I bother working on my brand at a time like this?

Absolutely, it’s more important than ever.

Firstly, customers like to deal with people they know, so just being there is a major plus.  So keep your visibility high. Talk to people, post, publish, ‘phone.

What you do is also critically important. It’s a time to revisit your brand values, and be sure that your actions and communications are aligned with them.

People don’t want to hear empty opinions and platitudes. Statements are also actions – when you publish it is seen as an act. Those behaviours and actions should be authentic, and socially contextual for the age.

Don’t neglect the brand

In unique times people are more aware of what is being done and said. It is a time to reinforce your values and look what you can genuinely do to make a difference.

Without the fog of day-to-day business to cloud the vision, brand authenticity will be in sharp focus with an opportunity for your brand to shine.

Ian West
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